Kernel Extension

So my wife overheard me talking to a friend about kernel extensions in Mac OS X (files that allow the Mac operating system to interface with hardware components and other things). She didn’t know what we were talking about, but she wanted to be a part of the conversation anyways. She sent me this text from across the house while I was talking. I am so proud.

“what we’re playing” 8.8.12 update

I just updated the “what we’re playing” list on the right side of the page. I’ll try to update this about once a month or more. Asia and I will be putting together a review of Munchkin Quest soon, and I’ll also be getting together a review of Starcraft the Board Game! :D

Dark Knight Marathon

Asia and I are going to one of those Dark Knight marathon’s tonight where a theater shows the first two movies in succession, then the new Dark Knight Rises at midnight. Tomorrow we’ll post up BOTH of our thoughts on the movie! :D


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Hey guys! These are our new kitties! Introducing Nightwing (left) and Starfox (right). Nightwing has a little white bat symbol on her chest so I felt the name was appropriate. And Starfox actually does barrel rolls! They’re a lot of fun and super adorable! We love them! <3


Yes. This was important enough for me to share. I love Starburst. I haven’t had them in years and so forgot just how wonderful they are. Recently I rediscovered my love for them… Especially the red and pink ones <3

Asia :)

what we’ve been playing

I just added a set of clickable lists to the right that show what games we are currently playing. The games that don’t have “active” next to them are games that we still play now and then, but that don’t get our attention more than once or twice a week. :)

new kitties

As a married nerd couple, we tend to have… interesting… text conversations from time to time. When we do, we will post them here. If you’re creeped out, you’re probably on the wrong site. ;)